Donating to our cause helps take care of those who serve us.  Our mission is to network first responders and veterans with proper care so they can live well again.  Asking for help is hard enough - let's make sure they can get it right.  Your contribution is tax deductible and goes to work!  Donations go to providing direct assistance to first responders in need - medical bills, living expenses, or what is needed in order to help them through the journey of being well (or sober) again.

Every three days, we lose one first responder to suicide. Our mission has always been to network effective resources and have priority access to specialty care when it is needed the most. We concentrate our efforts into finding exceptional licensed, professional providers and institutions to include in our network of care. We provide guidance and support from the first call for help and continue through until they are ready. Since our creation in 2015, we have directly assisted over 300 first responders and veterans through their journey of wellness including mental health care, addiction, and trauma (PTSD) care to get them back to living life.

All of this has been a major accomplishment and leap forward in creating a system of care that has been absent for far too long. Our passion is to keep this going, but we need your support!